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1936 | MOROCOO AGENCIES (11714)

1936 Express registered envelope addressed to Vienna franked Great Britain overprints including '3 FRANCS' on '2/6d' & '6 FRANCS' on '5/-' Seahorses in the French currency tied 'REGISTERED CASABLANCA POST OFFICE' d/s '11 DE 36' The postal rate for a 40g letter sent by airmail was Fr6.50, the registration fee of Fr2.00 and the letter rate Fr.1.15


1942 | MOROCCO AGENCIES (11713)

1942 censored Great Britain 2d stationery card with message uprated 1/2d overprinted adhesive tied 'BRITISH POST OFFICE TANGIER' c.d.s. '25 AU 42' Octagonal crown censor on the front 'P.199' in red. Light vertical fold.


1941 | MOROCCO AGENCIES (11712)

1941 Great Britain 1d + 1d stationery card with message uprated 1/2d overprinted adhesive tied 'BRITISH POST OFFICE TANGIER' c.d.s. '6 MY 41' Manuscript 'Air Mail to London Only' addressed to R.A.F. Habbaneyh redirected to Lagos West Africa. A few wrinkles, scarce usage of the stationery card.


1948 | FALKLAND ISLANDS (11711)

1948 envelope addressed to Minde, Bergen. Norway franked 3d map adhesive tied 'SOUTH SHETLANDS' c.d.s. '12 DEC 48' Probably Whaling mail.


1846 | SAMOA (11710)

1846 Entire letter with 3 page letter headed and dated 'On board "John Williams" Apia Nov 30 1846' addressed to Rev Nesbit Vaua (New Hebrides)


1859 | MALTA (11709)

1859 entire letter addressed to Genova Italy franked wing marginal Great Britain 4d adhesive tied 'MALTA A25' duplex 'AU 27 59' 'P.D.' in black oval struck on the front, receiving cancellation on the reverse.


1933 | SUDAN (11708)

1933 taxed airmail envelope from London addressed to Khartoum on arrival a vertical pair 4m postage dues applied paying the charge tied 'KHARTOUM' c.d.s. A small scuff on the front.


1904 | SUDAN (11707)

1904 taxed envelope from Carlisle addressed to No 6 station near Wadi Halfa. On arrival 10m & 2m postage dues applied paying the charge tied 'HALFA' c.d.s. '7 V 1904'


1877 | JAMAICA (11706)

1877 local formula 'JAMAICA HALFPENNY' stationery postcard with full message overstamped 'KINGSTON' c.d.s. 'JY 21 77' Straight line 'UNCLAIMED' in red and boxed 'ADVERTISED' on the front. Manuscript 'NOT KNOWN AT No' dated '21.7.77' Octagonal 'RETURNED LETTER BRANCH' d/s '15 AU 77'


1895 | ST VINCENT (11705)

1895 registered envelope addressed to Hamburg franked 1/- adhesive tied 'KINGSTON' c.d.s. 'OC 26 95' London Registered transit on the front, receiving cancellation on the front.


1896 | ST VINCENT (11704)

1896 2d registered stationery envelope (F) addressed to London franked ' 2 1/2 PENCE' on 'ONE PENNY' adhesive tied 'KINGSTON' c.d.s. 'OC 30 96' a further strike on the reverse.


1945 | AUSTRALIA (11702)

1945 censored Italian Red Cross 'Prisoner of War Post' postcard from Rome addressed to an Italian P.O.W. Myrtleford Camp with stright line 'REPATRIATED' struck in violet.


1932 | MAURITIUS (11701)

1932 Insured ( £11 10/-) 20c registered stationery envelope (G) addressed to Madagascar franked 2 x 10c and single 2c, 1R & 50c adhesives tied oval 'REGISTERED G.P.O. MAURITIUS' d/s '18 MR 32' Red/Black Insured label. On the reverse octagonal 'LA REUNION A MARSEILLE LIGNE No 6' d/s and receiving cancellation. Some toning.


1862 | MAURITIUS (11700)

1862 9d stationery envelope (Type 1) The flap is not stuck down. Superb unused.


1890 | JAMAICA (11698)

1890 1/2d stationery wrapper addressed to Montague manuscript 'Unclaimed' and octagonal 'RETURNED LETTER BRANCH JAMAICA' d/s 'AU 25 90' Montague receiving cancellation on the reverse.


1921 | JAMAICA (11697)

1921 envelope addressed to Kingston franked 1 1/2d adhesive tied violket boxed 'LUCKY HILL JAMAICA' T.R.D. dated in pencil '15 5' year '20' '1' inserted in '0' reading '21' Receiving cancellation on the reverse.


1954 | TRISTAN DA CUNHA (11696)

1954 Formula registered stationery envelope (H2) on grey-yellow stock addressed to Detroit franked 5d adhesive tied 'TRISTAN DA CUNHA' c.d.s. 'JA' the month unclear '54' Receiving cancellation on the reverse.


1867 | LAGOS (11695)

1867 E.L. written in French addressed to London headed and dated 'LAGOS Le 6 MARS 1867' Rated '6' in manuscript. On the front 'LAGOS' c.d.s. 'MR 7 67' A horizontal paper fold near the bottom.


1902 | BOER WAR (BERMUDA) (11693)

1902 censored 1d stationery card written in Dutch addressed to Germany headed and dated 'Darrells Island 16.1.02 Bermuda' cancelled 'HAMILTON' c.d.s. 'JA 24 02' Below a fine strike 'PRISONER OF WAR BERMUDA / PASSED CENSOR' cachet. London transit and receiving cancellations on the front.


1905 | ORANGE RIVER COLONY (11692)

1905 1/2d stationery postcard with message addressed to Germany uprated 1d adhesive tied 'P.O.A. ODENDAALSRUST O.R.C.' c.d.s. '13 DEC 05' struck in black. Hamburg receiving cancellation on the front.


1901 | BOER WAR (ST HELENA) (11691)

1901 1d censored stationery postcard addressed to Germany from a German Captain at "Arnos Vale" cancelled by dumb cancellation 'ST HELENA' c.d.s. below 'AP 25 01' Type CM1 censor initialed 'A.W.P.' struck in grey the latest known usage is 26th April. Straight line 'BROADBOTTOM CAMP' cachet struck in black, the latest known usage 27th April. Receiving cancellation on the front.


1940 | JAMAICA (11690)

WW.11 censored airmail envelope addressed to The International Red Cross Geneva franked 2d & 2/- adhesive tied 'KINGSTON' c.d.s. 'MR 13' The year is unclear. On transit through Bermuda censor tape applied handstamped 'I.C. /' Then censored again in the U.S.A. with two line' RETURN TO SENDER / NO SERVICE AVAILABLE' struck in violet and deleted.


1906 | MALDIVE ISLANDS (11689)

1906 overprinted 2c stationery card. Superb unused.


1906 | MALDIVE ISLANDS (11688)

1906 overprinted 5c lettercard. The sides are not stuck down. Superb unused.


1904 | MALDIVE ISLANDS (11687)

1904 overprinted 10c registered stationery envelope (F) Superb unused. The flap is not stuck down.


1902 | NORTHERN NIGERIA (11686)

1903 taxed envelope with enclosed letter from W.M. Wilkin an officer with the West African Frontier Force headed 'GUJIBA, 21/3/02' He was serving under Colonel Morland on operations in the Bornu, following the French incursions the previous year. The envelope addressed to London with charge marking on the front 'NORTHERN NIGERIA' c.d.s. on the reverse 'JU 6 1902' Plymouth transit and receiving cancellations.


1945 | SIERRA LEONE (11685)

1945 registered envelope from H.M.S. Eland addressed to Chicago franked Great Britain 3d adhesive tied large 'POST OFFICE / MARITIME MAIL; cachet in red. 'M.M. (Maritime Mail) registration etiquette. H.M.S. Eland was a land based naval command centre at Kissy


1942 | GOLD COAST (11684)

1942 censored airmail envelope addressed to International Red Cross Geneva franked horizontal pair and a single 2d and a single 1/- adhesive tied 'KADE' c.d.s. '21 NOV 42' German censor seal and handstamp on the reverse 'X' allocated to Paris.


1940 | NIGERIA (11682)

Undated censored multi franked airmail envelope addressed to the U.S.A. from an officer in the R.M.A.C. adhesives tied 'ARMY POST OFFICE' in oval horizontal straight line of bars. Crown 'PASSED BY CENSOR / No. / 2896' struck in black.


1892 | BAHAMAS (11681)

1892 'ONE PENNY' on 'PENNY HALF PENNY' stationery card (H&G 4 var) double surcharge. Superb unused.


1908 | CANADA (11680)

Undated postcard addressed to York franked 2c adhesive tied boxed "UNION STEAMSHIP Co of B.C. LTD / "COWICHAN" / NANAIMO UNION COMOX / EVERY / SATURDAY and SUNDAY" struck in violet. One of two examples redorded


1926 | TRISTAN DA CUNHA (11679)

1926 taxed envelope addressed to Leicester cancelled by a fine strike Type 3 cachet. Carried from the island on RRS. Discovery 'LONDON PAQUEBOT' machine d/s 'APR 20 1926' Double strike '1 1/2d F.B.' charge marking.


1946 | SOUTHERN RHODESIA (11678)

1946 registered envelope addressed to Denmark franked 6d & 1d adhesives tied 'DARWENDALE' c.d.s. 4 DEC 46' Red / Black registration label (Type 26a 2.1.1.)


1934 | COOK ISLANDS (11676)

1934 envelope addressed to Dunedin franked horizontal pair overprinted New Zealand 1/2d adhesives tied 'RAROTONGA' c.d.s. '17 JL 34'


1896 | ST VINCENT (11674)

1896 envelope 'Via Trinidad per Red D Loine' addressed to Chicago locally redirected franked 1/2d adhesive paying the unsealed printed matter rate, tied 'KINGSTON' c.d.s. 'No 13 96' A further strike alongside. Receiving cancellation on the reverse. The back flap is missing.


1898 | ST VINCENT (11673)

1898 2d registered stationery envelope (H2) addressed to Ohio franked 2 x 'FIVE PENCE' on 'SIX PENCE' adhesives tied 'KINGSTON' c.d.s. 'NO 25 98' a further strike below. Alongside a strike of the small 'ST VINCENT / A' c.d.s. which was used at Chateaubelair from 11th November 1898 for two years, the previous cancellation was lost in the Hurricane of 1898. A rare usage.


1944 | SAMOA (11671)

1944 censored envelope addressed to Auckland franked '3d' on 'Three Half Pence' adhesive tied 'LEULUMOEGA' c.d.s. '11 AP 44' 'OPENED BY EXAMINER D.D.A. /23' seal at left. Receiving and transit cancellations on the reverse.


1941 | SOUTH AFRICA (11670)

1941 stampless multi censored envelope addressed to German from a German P.O.W. at Baviaanspoort Camp German censor seal 'b' on the reverse allocated to Berlin.


1940 | PAPUA (11669)

1940 censored airmail envelope addressed to London redirected to Hampshire franked 3d & 1/3d adhesives tied 'PORT MORESBY' c.d.s. '24 FE 40' A further strike alongside. Red / White 'OPENED BY CENSOR' seal at left. receiving cancellation on the reverse.


1893 | ADEN (11668)

1893 Indian '2a 6p' on '4a 6p' stationery envelope addressed to Germany cancelled by the large 'ADEN CAMP' squared circle d/s 'JUL 14 93' Receiving cancellation on the reverse.


1919 | RHODESIA (11667)

1919 stampless 'On Postal Service' envelope from ( R.L.B.3 ) The Returned Letter Branch addressed to Rhodesia Native Regiment Bulawayo cancelled 'SALISBURY' c.d.s. '17 JUN 19' with a 'RETURNED LETTER BRANCH G.P.O. SALISBURY' cancellation of the same date bottom left.



1914 postcard addressed to Grimsby franked 6c adhesive tied 'SOY' c.d.s. '2 MY 14' struck in violet. Transit cancellations on the front.


1874 | GIBRALTAR (11664)

1874 envelope with letter written on board 'H.M.S. NARCISSUS' headed 'Beating through the gut of Gibraltar' franked Great Britain 6d adhesive paying the officers rate. Cancelled upon arrival in London '10' in oval straight line of bars.


1918 | BRITISH GUIANA (11663)

1918 censored envelope addressed to Pittsburg franked 2 x 2c adhesives one overprinted 'WAR TAX' tied 'GEORGETOWN' c.d.s. '25 JUL 1918' 'Opened / AND / Sealed / BY / Censor' at left in large letters, very few examples recorded.


1943 | SUDAN (11662)

1943 censored 5c U.S. stationery envelope from A.P.O. 608 cancelled 'U.S. ARMY POSTAL SERVICE A.P.O. ' d/s 'MAR 8 1943 PM' with '608' excised. Boxed censor cachet '06444' initialed.


1944 | SUDAN (11661)

1944 censored envelope addressed to New York franked block of four 5m adhesive cancelled 'OMDURMAN' c.d.s. '9 DEC 44' 'OPENED BY EXAMINER MM / 7646' seal at right.


1917 | SUDAN (11659)

1917 censored 5m stationery envelope addressed to Cairo cancelled 'KHARTOUM' c.d.s. '1 JUL 17' 'SUDAN / OPENED BY CENSOR / 8' seal printed locally by the Government Press ( 1458 - 1916 -100,000 Ex) Boxed 'K' struck in violet tying the seal.


1942 | SUDAN (11658)

1942 2m internal stationery envelope cancelled 'TALODI' c.d.s. '11 SE 42'


1937 | MALTA (11657)

1937 taxed envelope addressed to Dinard France franked 2 1 /2d & 1/2d Coronation and a horizontal pair 1d adhesives tied 'AIR MAIL MALTA' c.d.s. 'NO 9 37' On arrival 2 x 60c & 10c postage dues applied.


1938 | GOLD COAST (11656)

1938 taxed envelope (Elder Demster Lines) addressed to Dinard France franked 3d & 6d adhesives tied 'ACCRA' c.d.s. 'DEC 38' (Date unclear) On arrival 1F 50c & 30c postage dues applied.


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